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How is Skylar eco-friendly and how should I recycle the bottles?Updated a year ago

We care both about your health and the health of our environment. That’s why we make ingredient and packaging choices that keep the Earth in mind. Dual-purpose packaging, renewable resources, recyclable goodness - yes, please.

Our shipping boxes are now made from FSC certified paper, meaning it’s guaranteed they were made from recycled material. Please recycle all shipping and packing material. 

Additionally, our glass bottles and caps are recyclable. After use, please remove the pump or rollerball, rinse the glass bottle, and recycle the bottle and the white cap. Please place the pump or rollerball in the trash. If you’re having trouble twisting off the pump for your full sized bottle, try using a paper towel or clean cloth first. And then twist with your hands.

To recycle the candle jar, remove loose wax or gently scrape away any remnants. Easily clean the glass jar using soap and water and place in recycling bin.

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